A while ago I began thinking about the perfect bike for winter commuting.  Growing tired of cleaning and replacing chains and having brakes which didn’t work on rainy days, I came up with the recipe for WINTER BIKE.

As with all my projects the basis for WINTER BIKE was a vintage steel frame, a 1976 Raleigh Super Course MKII.  For obvious reasons I wanted a belt drive instead of a chain and the brakes were to be all sealed away where water or dirt cannot influence their efficiency. A reliable lighting system was also a necessity.

Since the plans for these components wouldn’t work ‘out of the box’ it was necessary to modify the frame in various ways.  For this task I called on HØJMARK CYCLES.  I admire his craftsmanship and wanted to be as involved as possible. Brian machined a seat-stay splitter from stainless steel and helped in brazing on all the pieces a frame needs for these parts and a few extras.

Winter might be over, but it will come back.  Riding a bike in bad weather can have such negative effects on components. With this project, I’m hoping to keep things maintenance free for a bit longer than normal.

read more about the process in detail and see more pictures at Velonode.

May 11, 2014