As Santucci Cycles grows, we love meeting people from all walks of life.  Our customers share our passion for great design and practicality – and so we thought it would be cool to introduce some of our community via our new “Riders” series.

First up is Stewart Walker, the Berlin-based electronic music producer. We caught up with Stewart by email during his tour of Japan,  and chatted about bikes, beats and Berlin.



Can you tell us a little about what you do?

I’ve been working as a techno producer, live performer and mastering engineer in Berlin for 12 years. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, then lived in a bunch of cities in the US before ultimately arriving in Berlin.




Where has your bike taken you / What’s your favorite ride?


In the winter, I really enjoyed cycling to the Tegeler See with a buddy, spending part of the journey watching the airplanes take off and land at TXL’s runways, then navigating the lakes and canals between Berlin and Spandau before arriving at a smoky kneipe in Wedding’s Brusselerkiez.



 You chose a ‘gentleman’ frame in red, and selected the various elements – seat, tires, lights etc. What drew you to this particular design, and how was the collaborative process with Dan?


To begin with, I’d grown frustrated with the customer service offered by German bicycle shops, where the sales people always acted bored and impatient when dealing with customers. Dan’s display window on Danzigerstr. showcased beautiful bikes, from which I took my inspiration. Then when discussing my budget and desires with him, he showed me a range of customization options for all details large and small.



 What’s your favorite thing about owning a Santucci Cycle?

Dan and I changed our design goals as the bike came together, when we improved upon certain color and trim options as the bike was assembled. I would have been fine with a completion of the original goals but the last minute mods allowed the bike’s design to be both coherent and unique.



What would be the soundtrack to your favorite bike journey? (if you could listen to music when riding, which we discourage!)      


Haha yeah, I’ve cut down on my dangerous nights cycling home from the studio at 4 AM with my headphones blasting. But if I had to choose something to reminisce upon from those days, it’d probably be an early 90s Kiss FM broadcast of UK hardcore from Colin Faver:




Check out Stewart’s homepage here or connect with his fan page on Facebook.