Next up in the Riders series is Paula G who rides a custom-built  Santucci Cycle she bought late last year.  Those living in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin may have seen it around, and it also sports a unique sign advertising Bekarei – the awesome bakery on Dunckerstraße that Paula runs.

Can you tell us a little about what you do?


I am Portuguese. I came to Berlin in 1996 and although I intended to go back every winter I ended up staying.  After 15 years together I married my Greek husband end of December in Copenhagen last year. Together we have a 11 year old son and we own a very special bakery in Prenzlauerberg.


Where has your bike taken you / What’s your favorite ride?


I just love riding my bike around my neighborhood, my my!
My best ride so far, was the two hours ride throughout Berlin, this year on the last summer day, from Müggelseedam to the Helmholtzplatz. An amazing trip through this great city.


How did you choose the design for your bike(s)? What drew you to this particular style, and how was the collaborative process with Dan?


I was looking for some time and unsuccessfully for a bike that fits me and at the same would do some publicity for our bakery. I needed a strong bike to carry stuff around, with a yummy color and of course with Bekarei’s name on it. Dan was the genie in the lamp fulfilling all these three wishes. Also, I really miss good customer service and Dan definitely offers it!




 What’s your favorite thing about owning a Santucci Cycle?


It is as unique as oneself.



What would be the soundtrack to your favorite bike journey? (if you could listen to music when riding, which we discourage!)   


It really depends on what kind of ride i would take. I actually listen to all kinds of music. Now, if I had to choose one song for a ride around Berlin, thinking about this town,  I would definitely take The Look by Metronomy or for a first Berlin´s Sommer day Nina Simone´s I´m Feeling Good.



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