In the second edition of the Riders series, we catch up with Felipe Burattini, the Berlin-based design-thinking specialist born in Brazil. Felipe founded his own advertising boutique BrandishAd in 2006, and in 2015 he became the Founder of a Berlin-based start-up ‘Apps 4 Gaps’, which also operates in London and São Paulo.


Can you tell us a little about what you do?


I’m half Brazilian, half Italian and moved to Berlin 1.5 years ago. My first intention was to stay for 3 months, but I fell in love with the city and ended up staying! Now I founded a technology startup and I’m also doing and MBA at Berlin School of Creative Leadership.



Where has your bike taken you / What’s your favorite ride?


My favourite rides are not a “where to”, but a “who with”! Whenever I’m riding it with people I like, I always have the best time ever, it doesn’t matter where I’m going!



How did you choose the design for your bike(s)? What drew you to this particular style, and how was the collaborative process with Dan?


It wasn’t a collaborative process. Dan did everything and I doubt that me or anyone else could have done or added anything to make it better! I was living really close to the shop at the time so I always passed by the window and saw that beauty there! When I decided I was going to stay in Berlin for good, the first thing I did was buy that bike. The colours, the design, everything was just perfect!



What’s your favorite thing about owning a Santucci Cycle?


My favorite thing is that it gives me complete freedom of movement with comfort and style. It is also a great conversation starter because it doesn’t matter where I go and who I’m meeting, everyone comments about my bike!



What would be the soundtrack to your favorite bike journey? (if you could listen to music when riding, which we discourage!)      


It really depends on my mood! But nowadays I’ve been listening a lot to Cry Baby by Janis Joplin, Simple Twist of Fate, by Bob Dylan, The House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals, Beach Boys and Creedence Clearwater in general…




Filipe is currently working on a new app Wandr,  a Travel App using the Internet of Things to build Smart Cities not only for travelers, but also for locals. Currently available for New York City, the Berlin edition is coming soon…

Check out the galleries of both his Santucci Cycles, here and here.