Bike ID Majestic-E (Zehus Motor Hub)

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Bike ID Majestic E

The Majestic E is a singlespeed e-bike built around a steel frame and the Zehus BIKE all-in-one rear hub motor and battery, which makes for a very rigid construction and well-balanced riding experience. The model has lightweight double walled alloy wheels, Tektro rim brakes, and a comfortable leather saddle from Brooks It weighs in on below 20 kg, which is very light for a classical men's e-bike.

Size: 55cm
Color: Celadon Green

Zehus Motor Hub Details:
Power: 250W
Weight: 3,5kg

To start up your engine you ride the e-bike up to 8 km/h and then back pedal 3 revolutions. Thats it! The engine turns off automatically after 2 minutes standing still. If you want to adjust the motor settings you simply download the Bitride app to your mobile. Bitride connects to your motor via Bluetooth and here you can adjust your motors assist, top boost speed (25km/h) and regenerate braking function. Bitride also indicates your speed, battery status and engine power – however the app does not have to be running for the e-bike to work.

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