1. Do you sell ready-to-ride / pre-built bicycles?

There are a few pre-built bicycles available, but the range and the customization options are limited. In addition to our own brand, we also sell Pelago Bicycles from Helsinki and Linus Bike from the USA. You can see what’s available here. If you need a bike quickly, this is a good option, but if you have your own ideas or even special requirements and aren’t in a big hurry why not co-design your own bicycle in a one-on-one consultation?

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2. What exactly can I choose in terms of the final product? How customizable is it?

Standard configuration allows for a frame and fork kit plus choice of color, dynamo lighting system, gear options (internal geared hub or derailleur system), fenders or racks (optionally painted in frame color), full leather upgrade (seat and handlebar wrap), and a few other bells and whistles.

In addition to our own frames, a selection of quality, vintage frames are available for custom builds while supplies last.

*Custom frame and fork geometries are also available on request.


3. How much does a Santucci Bicycle usually cost?

Due to the nature of customization and the seemingly endless possibilities that exist, it is hard to put an exact price on what your bike would cost. However, most custom bicycles end up costing between 1500€ and 2000€.


4. How long does it take from when I make an order until I’m riding my new bike?

Depending on the season, wait times can vary. While we make every effort to get you on your bicycle as soon as we can, we work on a waiting list system. In general it is first come, first served. However, if your desired frame is in stock, then you can be bumped up the list and your bike could be ready in 4 weeks. If we need to produce your frame, then expect to wait up to 12 weeks.


5. What colors are available?

Santucci frames have a limited color palette and are seasonal. By design, the color options will vary from make and model. In addition to our standard colors, others are available for an additional fee. For powder-coating we offer the industry standard RAL colors. For “wet” paint (as in automotive paint) there are too many options to list. It’s best to discuss this in person.


6. I don’t live in Berlin – can I still order a custom bike?

For sure. Even though it’s always good to meet in person, we understand this isn’t always possible. The preferred method would be to plan at least one or two visits to our lovely showroom. One for the initial consultation and body measurement and one for the final fitting. However, if this can’t be done, then we can provide instructions for body measuring on request. A thorough email / telephone consultation will follow.

Don’t get caught walking! Get in touch to learn more, or stop by the showroom / workshop (Danziger Str 49 10435 Berlin).