This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of exhibiting a selection of my custom built bicycles along with my colleague Yuji from Klovesradeln at the Berliner Fahrradschau.

It was hard work preparing everything in time, but we’re confident that it was worth it. The turnout was overwhelming and the compliments were humbling.

Our stand was in the Urban section near local names such as Standert und 8bar and two days before the event we didn’t even have an idea how we’d set up. I think our booth turned out great.

I chose to show four bicycles. Two projects, Santucci Cycles #015 and #018, aka WINTER BIKE, were finished just in time for the show. I also took along #016 and #017, aka HIS & HERS. My hommage to the partner look.

Klovesradeln also showed three bicycles which were especially made for the show. His frames were handmade in Japan by two master framebuilders, Raizin works and Level. His final builds harmonized with mine so perfectly that it was difficult to tell we’re actually two independent companies.

All in all I’m really glad we decided to do the bike show this year. It sets the precedent of things to come. Shortly we will open our web shop where all our bicycles and unique parts will be available. Sign up for the newsletter to get notified when this happens.

March 24, 2014